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The Advantages of a blog?

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Advantages of a blog?

The advantages of a blog is that people can their can post any information they like for example they can post a blog post about what happened at work today etc. People can comment on other people blogs saying what they thought of the blog posted. People can communicate between one another.


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What Are The Purposes Of A Blog?

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1.People should start a blog because a blog gives anybody chance to be like news a blog lets people posts different pieces of news. People should start a blog because people can post blogs on any piece of news bloggers can follow others blogger and can comment on others also bloggers can share blogs a news, video facts on a new social media.


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A blog is something that give anybody the power of news . A blog is free to create now blog is a popular web source that people basis blogs are used for different purposes such as you can create a blog for different stuff such as personal blogs, personal blogs, new blogs etc  

Blog Draft

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What is a Blog


Is a blog which gives any body a chance to create a blog a blog is just like a article where journalist post news. On a blog anybody can post .